Balcony Gardening Design

Expanding city life and living in high rises, Balcony Gardening are the sole little open land spaces for one to connect with the aesthetics of nature. We will build your own vertical green wall on just the space of your balcony gardening with self timed watering plants that reduces your everyday gardening stress. You can choose balcony gardening design from our wide range of plants, climbers, creepers, flower seeds and bulbs to fill up in accordance with your choice. All the plants come with full fledged information like planting tips, growing conditions and basic FAQs. 

Living Room Gardening

Since the living room is the heart of our house we recommend you fill up with some natural greenery over there from our specially curated list. Plants as a part of house interiors have been gaining ground gradually, they do not only look beautiful but also help get rid of air toxins and pollutants improving the air quality in turn. We have a range of low-light indoor plants, flower plants, show plants, bonsai plants, FRP plants, creepers, climbers, ferns, air-purifying plants, as well as all types of beautiful Pots like ceramic Pots, concrete Pots, Cement Pots, PVC Pots, fabric pots, Glass Pots, that need minimal care and are ideal for idle corners of your home.

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Farmetos is an eCommerce website with a true difference. At the first step, we have decided to make your surroundings green and create some fresh air. Currently, is focusing on gardening and home improvement products that sell huge species of seeds, succulents, and gardening materials.

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